The Islamic Center of Anaheim

AICP California - The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in California - Mosque in Anaheim, CA


A member of the Association of Islamic Charitable Project‘s network of Islamic Centers around the world. Helping the Muslim community in California with many aspects of life and religion.


The Islamic Center of Anaheim assumes its proper role in Southern California by offering many programs that enrich the community around it. Moreover, The Islamic Center of Anaheim organizes a variety of Islamic celebrations and events, Ramadan programs, and religious lectures. It also operates a weekend, and a full time Islamic school.

The Islamic Center of Anaheim is the source of Islamic information in Southern California. The Center strives to educate the Muslim and non-Muslim community around it, teaching important details of the great religion of Islam. Moreover, The Center strives to exemplify the true Islamic values and methodologies of compassion, moderation, and knowledge for the population of Southern California.

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The Islamic Education Schools (TIES) were established to resolve the dilemma concerned Muslim parents were facing in providing their children with a strong academic background, yet protecting them from the public school environment in which Muslim children might be exposed to influences seriously threatening their proper moral development.