The Islamic Center of Anaheim

Janazah Services 

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    1. Coordination with Melrose Abbey Mortuary for deceased corpse pickup and delivery to Melrose Abbey Cemetery.
    2. Performing the deceased corpse washing according to Janazah Service Rules.
    3. Performing the deceased corpse shrouding according to Janazah Services Rules.
    4. Performing the deceased Janazah prayer according to the Janazah Service Rules.
    5. Laying the deceased corpse on his right shoulder with his torso facing al-Qibla in the plot assigned according to the Janazah Services Rules.

Azaa’ Services

    1. Use of AICP facility in Anaheim for listening to a Qur’an recitation performed by an AICP assigned individual. At the end of the recitation, attendees shall be asked to gift the reward to the deceased.
    2. Give a religious speech about the occasion by an AICP assigned individual.
    3. Ask the attendees to collectively recite suratul Ikhlas from the holly book of al Qur’an eleven times. The attendees shall be asked to gift their recitation rewards to the deceased.
    4. Ask the attendees to make duaa’ to the deceased.
    5. Ask the attendees to console the deceased present next of kin.
    6. Prepare and serve food to seventy-five Azaa’ attendees.