The Islamic Center of Anaheim

The Summary of ^Abdullah al-Harariyy

The Summary of ^Abdullah al-Harariyy Ensuring the Personal Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion Is a summary of most of the Obligatory Knowledge every accountable person is obligated to know. This comprises the Obligatory Knowledge pertaining to belief, issues from Purification (Taharah) up to Pilgrimage (Hajj), and some rules of dealings…

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Welcome to Islamic Center of Anaheim

The Association of Charitable Projects welcomes the local Muslim community to the Islamic Center of Anaheim. Our organization objectively teaches the authentic knowledge of the Religion as taught by the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, and preserved and passed on through the trustworthy followers of each era at its Southern California…

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Pilgrimage (Hajj) Chapter 1 Who Must Perform Pilgrimage (Hajj) Performing Hajj and ^Umrah once in a lifetime is obligatory upon the Muslim who is free, accountable, and can afford to reach Makkah and return to his homeplace. This includes that one has in excess of his debts, appropriate lodging and clothing,…

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